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Monday, March 14, 2011

YA Reads

I must have read a million articles about "how to get published" or "how to write a query letter" by now. I haven't been real stellar about doing some of the things people have suggested but I have been REALLY good in one aspect: reading in the same genre that you wish to be published in. So hard right? I am practically being assigned to read the kinds of books I've always wanted to. One of the reasons I wanted to be a writer is I wanted to write the kinds of books I wanted to read because they weren't there. Well, they were, I just didn't know that. Then Twilight happened. Yeah, I know it has a bad rep right now but I like it.
Anyways, now I'm trying to find other books that are any type of fantasy/sci-fi YA. I've read The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, the Percy Jackson series, The Hunger Games, The Inheritance Cycle, I Am Number Four, and Incarceron. I'm working on the Vampire Academy and The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series right now. Anyone have any suggestions? What's your favorite YA novel?

And by the way, as far as my "literary crush" list goes, Christian Ozera and Sam Roth are definitely on that list. I was right in my prediction of the latter.


  1. Hi there. New follower! I love Twilight too - if you couldn't guess from my avatar. I am totally Team Edward. I also love Christian and Sam. Other series that I really enjoy (other than the ones you listed) are the Iron Fey and Beautiful Creatures books.

  2. Yes! Team Edward, I'm also Team Edward :) I've looked at the Beautiful Creatures series, it sounded really interesting so I'll have to check them out too now. I don't know that much about Iron Fey but I recognize the covers. I'll have to look them up too.

  3. I <3 JACE and Jem! The Mortal Instruments is amazing :)


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