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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top 10 Literature Crushes

Is there life on other planets? How come men in real life are not as good as they are in books? Some questions will never be answered. What we can do is list why we girls think men in books are sexier. I've listed 10 reasons right here.

10. D’Artagnan- The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
First off, he's foreign, secondly, he's a musketeer! It doesn't get much hotter than that. He leans to the hot-headed side (he managed to get 3 duals in one day), is extremely loyal, and intelligent. Want more proof of how purely awesome this character is: Justin Chambers, Hugh Dancy, Chris O'Donnell, and Logan Lerman have all played (or will play) D'Artagnan.

9. Fitzwilliam Darcy – Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Before there was Edward there was Mr. Darcy. It just would not be right to not include him on this list. He's another one of those characters who has had multiple good looking actors portray him in film, Colin  Firth and Matthew MacFadyen being the most famous. What makes Mr. Darcy so amazing? His devotion to Elizabeth, he's shy, sweet, and is not only willing to admit he is wrong but also whatever it takes to set things right. 

8. Gale Hawthorne- The Hunger Games by Susan Collins
Team Gale all the way! Gale knows what he believes in and was rebelling against the capitol way before  Katniss and Peeta were. Other than being described as "having a face made for TV," the other thing that makes Gale so hot is his rebellious attitude, hunting skills, and the fact he does not spend pages pining after a girl who has already moved on (here's looking at you Jacob Black). He is funny, street smart, and extremely loyal to his family and has provided for them since he was a young man. 

7. Sam Winchester- Supernatural by Eric Kripke
Alright, I know this is a "literary list" so what is Sam Winchester from the TV show Supernatural doing on here? He's been in books, tie-in novels are literature! Despite being raised killing demons and vampires, Sam is a sweetheart. He had his rough spots in some of the seasons but we finally have him back! He is extremely smart (full ride to Stanford), sacrificed himself to save the world (at the expense he was tortured for eternity, he got out though), can kick some major monster butt, is funny, and if he didn't kill monsters for a living, he's be the guy your parents would love. He would be the safer choice but the one would would make an excellent father (and I am not dishing Dean, if he could settle down I'm sure he would make an excellent father). The icing on the cake it that major hottie Jared Padalecki plays him on the show, he's got abs that would make Taylor Lautner jealous. 

6. Faramir – Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien 
Everyone has their Lord of the Rings crush and mine is Faramir. He's even nicer and kinder in the books than in the movie. Despite not having an easy childhood (as his father clearly preferred his older brother) he did not turn out bitter or jealous. He is one of the few characters who had the ring within his grasp and let it go. On top of that, if he had brought the ring to his father, he may have finally been loved by his father but he let Frodo go. My heart breaks for him, a clear sign that I love him. 

5. Luke Castellan –Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan
I think Luke is the only villain on my list but I can't help but love him. It does not hurt that Jake Abel played him in the movie. Luke is funny, almost all the female characters have a crush on him, the "best fighter in 300 years," and too smart for his own good. Warning, there will be spoilers from now on: so he may have been the villain at first but have you read about the Greek gods? Who could blame him? Not to mention, he ends up sacrificing himself and becomes the hero of the prophecy. He had a traumatic childhood, his girlfriend sacrificed her life to save his and he was preyed on by Kronos. If I could write a spin-off series about this character I would.  

4. Edward Cullen- Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer
I understand why some people have issues with Edward, it's the creepy stalker thing and the too controlling thing that keep him from being number one. He is the most romantic man on this list. Whenever I got frustrated with his character, all it took was one line for me to swoon again. He is so devoted to his women that he would be wants her to be with someone else because he's a vampire. He has the whole self-hatred thing down pat and is extremely good looking and smart. Also, he's the knight in a shining Volvo. It's not everyone's thing but I crush on him hard. 

3. Jem Carstairs – The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
Ah Jem, if only all three books were out. Jem has the potential to take the number one spot. I cannot express how much I am in love with Jem. First off, he is suffering from a disease that is killing him slowly but he is still living his life to live life, not to prolong it. He's a shadowhunter which instantly classifyies him as sexy and means he could kick your butt (diseased and all). He is the definition of gentleman, intelligent, always there when you need him, and can play the violin (WAY more original than the guitar). He is so sweet and kind that he has managed to get multiple females' attention and he is the only person Will Herondale will let in. Did I mention he has silver hair and eyes and is half-asian, half-British? How cool is that. 

2. Alec Ramsey- The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley
When I was a child, all I wanted was the Black, now I'd take Alec also (yes, I still re-read the Black Stallion books from time to time). For a completely normal person, Alec has a lot of guts and kicks a lot of butt (like when he jumped on the back of the truck to stop a horse from being dragged to death). He is extremely loyal, smart, and kind. He is a hard worker, always willing, and is a successful jockey. Also, he is the best person to have with you if you need someone with survival skills as he has survived a shipwreck, plane wreck, the desert (twice), an island with almost nothing to eat and no life other than a wild horse and a snake, the everglades, and a wildfire (I may be forgetting something). After having one traumatic event after another he is still a completely normal person whereas most would have broken down by then. On top of all this, he loves horses! Instead of having to time travel or turn into some creature you get a barn full of racing horses, that includes the Black! It's a win. If I could get the rights to any characters it would be these. 

1. Jace Wayland- The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare 
So what can top my childhood hero turned crush, JEM, Edward Cullen and Mr. Darcy himself? Jace Wayland can. Jace has a great sense of humor, has killed more demons than any other shadowhunter his age, and is extremely loyal to friends and family. He can come across as arrogant but that is part of what separates him from the rest of this group: he always surprises you. When most people are told they are being stared at, they bashfully say no but not Jace, no he is not even surprised they are staring at him and actually expects that. However, lots of that macho-ness if just a cover up for how torn up he really is inside no thanks to his horrible father figure Valentine. He was abused all his life being told "To love is to destroy," until he was 10 when he believed he watched his father die. After that, everyone kept talking about how nice his father was (because he went under a false name) but Jace knew what a terrible person that man was. On top of all that, he still found a place in his heart to love his father. He is 100% devoted to Clary, to the point that he would willingly die to save her best friend (even though he does not like the best friend). It almost seems as if the good guys in the story try to push him over to the villain's side by arresting him (twice), kicking him out of his house, treating him as if he was already guilty of being a villain, and not trusting him but he never falters for a moment. What's even cooler, he's golden and literally part angel. Did I mention he's sexy? He's so good looking, I'm not sure any actor is good looking enough to portray him (though Alex Pettyfer is really close). 

I will give Simon Lewis an honorable mention on here because I love him that much. He's also from The Mortal Instruments. Zac from Avalon: Web of Magic series by Rachel Roberts also gets an honorable mention and Dean Winchester and Castiel of course. I haven't read Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater yet but I plan too soon and I'm thinking Sam might make the top 10 (if not then a honorable mention).